Twitter Censors Trailer of Upcoming Documentary Exposing Anti-White Racism

Twitter is censoring the trailer of the upcoming documentary, “Anti-White,” which details the racism against whites that is being all pervasive throughout Western society.

The monopoly tech corporation did not remove the trailer but censored it from being shown in retweets in an attempt to prevent the video from going viral.

Screenshots of the censorship conducted by Twitter against the trailer can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on the documentary that intends to change the popular narrative with regards to institutional and systemic racism:

A new documentary, “Anti-White,” intends to expose the agenda of the radical left and how they are targeting white people with a campaign of coordinated hatred.

“Across America, white people are being attacked in the streets and in the media,” the trailer for the documentary states.

The trailer cites hatred from CNN propagandists against white people and a string of anti-white hate attacks that are largely ignored by the leftist media and only covered briefly by mainstream right-leaning outlets.

“While most people thought the racially-charged protests and influence would quiet down after the 2020 election, instead, the culture of America appears changed to its core,” the trailer states.

“What started as an awareness campaign against police brutality has quickly become an all-out assault against white Americans… Is there a war on white people? What is driving this rising hatred and violence against white Americans. How far will this anti-white movement go and who’s next?” the trailer continues…

The documentary, produced by Maggie Vandenberghe a.k.a. Fog City Midge and co-directed by Andrew Meyer and Jon Du Toit, can be pre-ordered at

Twitter does not want the truth about racism to be known to the public and for consciousness to develop against this sinister agenda pushed by far-left extremists.

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