Twitter CEO Attempts to Gain Control of U.S. Financial System During Coronavirus Scare

The CEO of the Silicon Valley giant Twitter is using the coronavirus crisis as an attempt to gain more control over the U.S. financial system and facilitate socialism in the form of direct payouts.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, who also serves as CEO of the payment processing company Square, has offered to help middleman some payouts from the federal government to the people.

While this deal may seem sweet for cash-strapped Americans who are being crippled by the economic slowdown, Square has a record of censoring dissident for wrong-think and denying them their services in an arbitrary manner.

The payment processor has denied their services to patriotic, pro-Trump voices based on the unhinged demands of left-wing digital lynch mobs in the past:

Last week, the payment processing company Square pulled its service from 1776, a source close to the move confirmed to Slate, and while a spokeswoman said Square does not comment on individual accounts, she wrote in a statement, “Square does not tolerate our products or our platform being used for hate. When we determine accounts violate our terms of service, we take swift action.” JPMorgan Chase’s Chase Paymentech also previously provided payment processing services for the, and a source close to the decision confirmed it had stopped. By Tuesday of this week, the site had switched to a PayPal button. PayPal then yanked the account used on, a source close to the decision said—not the first time PayPal has pulled the plug on Proud Boys–affiliated accounts. As of publication, 1776 once again has a field for shoppers to enter a credit card number, but it’s unclear if it works or if any vendor is powering it.

When I asked for comment from the 1776 shop email and an email address listed on Henry Tarrio’s registration of Fund the West LLC, a respondent calling himself Jorge Perez wrote back, “There is absolutely nothing that I can tell you that will make the story you’re going to write NOT have a leftist bias. So type away. But I warn you … if there is an ounce of libel or slander our attorney is extremely gung ho and he is DYING to get to work. So do your homework …”

The ability to sell things and collect money online matters a lot to the Proud Boys—and it may be part of the reason they strenuously resist being called a “hate group,” a “white nationalist” group, or part of the “alt-right,” despite a history of Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, and misogynistic rhetoric from Proud Boy members and the organization’s founder. “Groups like the Proud Boys fight against the term hate group because it makes it much harder for them to mobilize resources online,” says Joan Donovan, the director of the Technology and Social Change Research Project at Harvard who studies how hate groups mobilize online. “They know that if they get labeled as a hate group then online payment processers will not provide services.”

If the tech sector can use coronavirus as an excuse to gain more power over the monetary system, the Orwellian hellscape in which dissidents are frozen out of the economy for publicly expressing politically-incorrect thoughts is only a heartbeat away. The gifts offered by the technocratic class always come at a steep price.

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