Twitter Continues To Restrict The Daily Wire’s Free Showing Of ‘What Is A Woman’ Doc Despite Musk Calling ‘Hateful Conduct’ Claim A ‘Mistake’

On Thursday, The Daily Wire’s co-CEO and self-proclaimed “God King” Jeremey Boreing revealed that Twitter had canceled a deal between the two organizations to stream the hit documentary “What Is A Woman?”

“With Twitter’s recent commitments to free speech,’ Boreing said, “we thought it would be the perfect place to distribute the film and drive the conversation forward on one of the most important topics of our day.”

Boreing added that the free showing of the documentary was canceled because of two instances of “misgendering.”

Read the lengthy Twitter thread from Boreing below:

Musk soon responded, saying this was a “mistake by many people at Twitter.” And that the doc is “definitely allowed.” 

Regardless, the film, which was trying to celebrate its one-year anniversary with the exclusive Twitter launch, was still throttled by the platform despite Musk’s “[this is] being fixed” response. 

“Twitter put the hate speech tag on my embed of the film,” Matt Walsh, creator of the doc shared. “There is someone actively and manually suppressing the film at Twitter.”

So what’s really going on and who is in control over who can see what over at Twitter? That is the question fans following this developing controversy are asking. Especially considering Twitter is being marketed as the best place for free speech since Musk’s takeover of the platform.

As The Daily Wire has highlighted, “What Is A Woman” has been nothing but a massive hit for the conservative media giant. So it’s odd to see something so beloved being tied down because of the site’s algorithm. 

“The groundbreaking documentary released last summer was watched by people in over 70 countries,” the outlet has stated. 

The doc has “became the most watched movie at home, according to Rotten Tomatoes, which also showed that audiences scored the film with a 97% rating.”

This controversy has raised red flags to The Daily Wire, who, like other prominent conservative voices, has been planning to invest more into post-Musk Twitter. 

For example, The Daily Wire was reportedly planning to make their full slate of shows available on the Elon Musk run platform. In addition to exclusive partnership deals like this one.

In a similar fashion to what Tucker Carlson said about the platform upon his announcement to move his show to Twitter, Boreing called the social media site “the largest free speech platform in the world.”

He also stated his company would “invest even more into the platform” if Musk continues to stand by commitment of making Twitter “a home for free speech.” All while delivering on “monetization opportunities and more sophisticated analytics for content creators.”

This pushback against The Daily Wire’s biggest documentary by Twitter will surely make the organization reconsider its partnership with the platform.

Musk says he’s looking into the matter, but all users have seen thus far is a totally botched launch.

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