Twitter is Allowing China to Use Fake Accounts to Boost Communist Propaganda

Twitter is allowing China to use fake accounts to regularly promote communist propaganda, an Associated Press report has shown.

Liu Xiaoming, who was formerly China’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, has build a powerful Twitter account based from the use of false accounts. He amassed 119,000 followers to promote Chinese “wolf warrior” diplomacy on the monolithic social media platform.

“As I see it, there are so-called ‘wolf warriors’ because there are ‘wolfs’ in the world and you need warriors to fight them,” Liu, who is now China’s Special Representative on Korean Peninsula Affairs, wrote in a tweet published in February.

Liu received an astounding 43,000 retweets from June 2020 through February 2021. AP joined the Oxford Internet Institute to discover that an “army” of fake accounts is boosting Liu’s propaganda on the tech platform. They conducted a seven-month investigation to track the extent of China’s artificial social media reach.

“You have a seismic, slow but large continental shift in narratives,” said Queensland University senior lecturer Timothy Graham, who specializes in researching social media networks. “Steer it just a little bit over time, it can have massive impact.”

The investigation has demonstrated that Twitter is doing little if anything to stop China’s propaganda operation. They offered lip service and performed token measures after being alerted about the investigation.

“We will continue to investigate and action accounts that violate our platform manipulation policy, including accounts associated with these networks,” a Twitter spokesperson said in a statement. 

“If we have clear evidence of state-affiliated information operations, our first priority is to enforce our rules and remove accounts engaging in this behavior. When our investigations are complete, we disclose all accounts and content in our public archive,” they added.

While Twitter twiddles their thumbs regarding China’s sophisticated propaganda operation, they routinely crack down on conservatives for spreading the truth on key issues like election fraud.

Big League Politics has reported on Twitter censoring proofs of voter fraud in order to obscure the reality from the masses:

Journalist Cassandra Fairbanks has reported that Twitter suspended her for posting evidence that boxes of ballots were delivered by a city elections van between 3:30 and 4:30 am at a Detroit processing facility on the morning of Nov. 4, 2020.

Fairbanks’ outlet, The Gateway Pundit, has obtained surveillance footage from the TCF Center in Detroit, which is where absentee ballots were being processed during the election process. After perusing the footage, Fairbanks found an image of the van that was described in sworn affidavits as bringing tens of thousands of ballots to the facility at the dead of night.

“Twitter has suspended me for posting videos of boxes being delivered to the ballot counting facility in Detroit at 3:30 and 4:30 am,” she wrote in a post on the encrypted messaging app, Telegram.

No answers have been provided as to why the ballots were held for so many hours, as they needed to be turned in by 8pm. Dozens of poll challengers and workers were disenfranchised as a result, and a Gestapo-type regime was enacted the next day as the ballots were processed. 

This is how Biden “won” the state of Michigan, and Democrat leaders in the state have inflicted a campaign of terror against whistleblowers and elected officials with power to investigate or overturn the steal. Now, Twitter is trying to censor the truth that would vindicate whistleblowers who have risked it all to tell the truth about the election fraud that occurred in November.”

Twitter and other Big Tech monopolies are enabling China’s dominance of the world by helping the CCP shape the narrative. They need to be cut down to size before Big Brother is inescapable.

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