Twitter Promotes People Celebrating Malia Obama’s Birthday Instead of Independence Day

Barack Obama, Facebook

Twitter is promoting a trend among its left-wing users to celebrate former First Daughter Malia Obama’s birthday instead of Independence Day.

The social media network is featuring in its “Moments” section the article “People are celebrating Malia Obama instead of Independence Day,” along with an illustrated graphic of Malia Obama. The news item is trending, but Twitter goes out of its way to write it up and feature it.

According to Twitter: “The idea of celebrating an Independence Day that happened when not everyone in the US was truly free doesn’t sit well with many. So, Malia Obama’s birthday has become a substitute holiday for the Fourth of July.”

Here are some of the tweets Twitter features:

This Twitter meme follows a similar meme in which people mocked a Trump supporter for cleaning the graffiti off President Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star with the slogan “Nothing but respect for MY president.” Liberals pounced on it, showing themselves cleaning off other random celebrities’ stars and referring to those celebrities as “my president.”

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