Twitter Starts Banning Content Featuring the Word “Groomer” 

After pressure from activist journalists, Twitter has started censoring the word “groomer”, hinting that it’s a form of anti-LGBT “hate speech.”

According to Cindy Harper of Reclaim the Net, Twitter has followed in Reddit’s footsteps by censoring the word “groomer.” 

Anti-Critical Race Theory pundit James Lindsay was locked out of his Twitter account after calling Ari Drennen a groomer on July 19, 2022. Drennen is the LGBTQ Program Director for Media Matters. 

Drennen was critical of an article by the Daily Caller about an activist drive to get Twitter to censor anyone who uses the term “groomer.” Drenen originally tweeted, “Daily Caller: we aren’t anti-LGBTQ, we’re anti-pedophile…Also the Daily Caller: uses a generic picture of young people holding Pride flags in their article.” 

Lindsay responded to Drennen’s tweet by tweeting: “Ok, groomer.”


Lindsay has been one of the most vocal critics of the overly-sexual curricula that the Cultural Left is pushing in schools and private institutions. The topic of grooming has entered the national discussion after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signed legislation into law that clamps down on the teaching of highly sexualized concepts to young children at schools.

This is just another case of the precarious nature of freedom of speech on Big Tech platforms. Right-wing populists must take note of this and craft solutions such as the creation of an Internet Bill of Rights, which protects peaceful political speech from censorship coming from both the state and corporate actors.

Online free speech is an existential matter for the populist Right. If right-wing populists lose this fight, their dispossession will be accelerated.

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