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Twitter Suspends Rapper For Saying “Ok dude” To Biological Male



On Wednesday, February 26, 2010, Twitter reportedly suspended British rapper Zuby from after he posted “Ok dude” in response to another Twitter user who claimed to be “sleeping with more women” than he.

The Blaze reported that the user turned out to be a biological male who identifies as a female.

The rapper became famous last year after he posted videos of himself breaking women’s world records in the deadlift and bench press while identifying as a woman.

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Zuby went on Twitter recently to give women advice on “how to land a great guy.”

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A user named “Pronoun Enforcer” responded to Zuby’s post, saying, “I’m like 95% sure i’m sleeping with more women than you and this is terrible advice.”

Zuby then responded to the user’s comment by saying, “Ok dude.” After further review, this comment made Twitter allegedly declare it as a “hateful.”

Transgender left-wing activist Emily Gorcenski, known as “Pronoun Enforcer” on Twitter, allegedly reported Zuby to the Twitter authorities, complaining that the rapper misgendered the biological male. After a week of Twitter scuffling between the two users, Twitter decided to suspend Zuby.

The social media platform offered him two options: appeal the ruling or take down the content. If he deleted the content, his account would be reinstated after 12 hours. However, if he appealed, the incident would be placed under review again. He appealed, but on Wednesday, he discovered that his appeal had been rejected and so he was compelled to delete the tweet.

“There was no other option,” he told the Washington Examiner.

Gorcenski posted on Twitter soon after the decision was made and boasted about the action taken against Zuby’s account, by saying, “Lol misogynist down. Pronouns enforced.”

On Instagram Zuby confirmed the news that his Twitter account had been temporarily suspended despite the appeal he made.

“I’ve been temporarily locked out of Twitter for tweeting ‘OK dude’ in response to someome [sic]. Apparently that violates the ‘hateful conduct’ policy. Wow… I’ve appealed it,” he said while including a screenshot of the incident.

“It wasn’t even a gendered statement, not that it should even matter,” Zuby explained to the Examiner. “I used it as a synonym for like, ‘Yeah, whatever.’ I didn’t go and research the person I was responding too. Perhaps I should have because they’re an antifa activist who spends their time trying to doxx people and get people kicked off platforms that they don’t like.”

Several Twitter users mentioned the number of times when Gorcenski has used violent rhetoric on the platform, including one tweet, which said: “I now call all antifa groups to consider the TERF (Trans-exclusionary radical feminist) movement to be properly considered to be a white supremacist movement and treated like the Nazi platform that they are. No one gets left behind.”

Zuby is now out of Twitter jail.

He posted on February 28, 2020: “Ok dudes… I’m out of Twitter Jail!

They can’t keep a good man down! #FreeZuby #OkDude


Marco Rubio Believes “Boogaloo” Groups are Responsible for Leftist Mayhem Sweeping Across the Country



Like clockwork, Florida Senator Marco Rubio is advancing mainstream media narratives during the current wave of rioting taking place across the nation.

On May 30, 2020, Rubio tweeted “News networks missing a big story In city after city we have a rogues gallery of terrorists from Antifa to “Boogaloo” groups encouraging & committing violence They may not be ideologically compatible but share a hatred of govt & police & are taking advantage of the protests.”

Indeed, Antifa and leftist groups adjacent to their cause have exploited protests to engage in flagrantly criminal acts such as looting and rioting.

However, the mentioning of “Boogaloo” groups is laughable.

First off, talk of “Boogalo” is done in jest and only confined to the Internet.

It has not manifested itself in a coherent form as far as physical politics is concerned.

Secondly, right wing protesters have behaved themselves peacefully in the last few months.

The same cannot be said about Antifa and its leftist cohorts.

It would behoove Rubio to get the facts straight and take the Left exclusively to task for this mayhem.

The media is already trying to change the narrative by blaming the riots on “white supremacists” and far right groups.

It makes sense for elected officials on the Right to get the facts straight and not fall for media disinformation.

For establishment figures like Rubio, this may be too much to ask for.

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