Twitter User Gets Over 400,000 Likes After Calling for Others to Expose Racists

On June 6, 2020, a user named @agavedelacalle called on his fellow Twitter followers to unmask racists.

He justified this radical activism on the grounds that “When you expose a racist student, you stop them from attending a university that will allow them to become a racist healthcare worker, teacher, lawyer, real estate developer, politicians, etc.”

The user added:

Racism in the medical field results in minorities dying at a higher rate. Racism in real estate prevents minorities from buying homes in different areas. Racism in politics results in laws that negatively impact minorities. The list goes on.

The user highlighted the importance of exposing racists and holding them accountable:

As you can see, exposing people goes deeper than we think. By holding students accountable for their actions, we are effectively breaking cycles that negatively impact our communities in the long run.

Shockingly enough, the first post received over 400,000 likes and 133,000 retweets.

America is going through its very own struggle sessions were countless Americans are harassed into submission by radical leftist wing activists any time they step out of line. This is the late stage form of political correctness. The term “racist” is broad and can be abused by gatekeepers to shut down discourse and ruin people’s lives.

Soon, Americans will be subject to all sorts of thought-policing and not be able to express themselves. America cannot tolerate such iconoclasm any longer.

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