Two Arrested and Charged in Portland Riot That Destroyed Statues of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt

Two men have been arrested and charged with felony offenses for their involvement in riots that resulted in the destruction of Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln in Portland.

38-year old Brandon Bartells and Malik Fard Muhammad were charged by the Multnomah County District Attorney on Tuesday, making their first court appearances. The men engaged in a riot that was supposedly organized by an “indigenous” Portland ANTIFA organization, but neither of them appear to be distinctly Native American.

The Sunday riot had resulted in the destruction of two presidential statues, one of Abraham Lincoln and another of Theodore Roosevelt.

Bartells allegedly drove a truck that was used to dismount a Teddy Roosevelt “Rough Rider” statue from its pedestal in Portland’s downtown area. He’s being charged with first-degree felony criminal mischief and felony riot.

Malik Fard Muhamad is also being charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, possession of a loaded firearm in public, first-degree felony criminal mischief and felony riot. Court documents allege that Muhamad vandalized the Portland Historical Society during the riot, a museum that commemorates the heritage of the Oregon Trail and the Pacific Northwest. When arrested, he was allegedly found carrying a loaded pistol magazine that matched a discarded firearm law enforcement located near the scene of his arrest.

The Oregon Historical Society has indicated that it’s suffered at least $20,000 in damages from the Sunday riot, with at least one historical exhibit being looted. The Lincoln and Roosevelt statues will cost $20,000 and $10,000 to repair, respectively, but it’s doubtful that the city of Portland will replace them, opting instead for an alternative deemed less “racist” by the city’s militant leftist subculture.

Neither of the charged criminal suspects are even from Portland or Oregon. Bartells is from Washington, and Muhamad is from Indiana. Bartells was reportedly arrested in booked into a Wisconsin jail for refusing to comply with a riot dispersal order during this summer’s Kenosha riots.

An Abraham Lincoln statue was also dismounted and defaced by the rioters.

President Donald Trump had instructed the FBI to investigate the attack on the presidential statues in Portland, expressing a willingness to use federal law enforcement as an alternative to the unreliable and liberal-controlled Portland police and justice system.

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