Two Christmas Parades are Cancelled in North Carolina Because of Potential for ANTIFA Violence

Christmas parades have been cancelled in two North Carolina towns after threats of protests by ANTIFA-style leftists have caused the cities to back down.

“We aren’t happy telling kids they can’t attend or participate in this year’s parade — but it’s better than trying to explain to a parent whose child was injured despite so many warning signs,” Wake Forest Police Chief Jeff Leonard said in a statement.

“We’re concerned about outside agitators that don’t notify us. Radicals don’t typically call ahead. These aren’t area residents we’re talking about. These are professional protesters who have no regard for the safety and well-being of others,” Leonard added.

“For most of us, our annual Christmas parade is about spending time with friends and family and celebrating the spirit of the season,” Wake Forest Mayor Vivian Jones said.

“Yet there are some outside our community whose sole purpose is to use the occasion to promote their political agenda without any regard for the health and safety of our citizens. The [parade organizers] made the wise decision to deny these outside agitators the opportunity to use Wake Forest as a platform to spread hate and incite violence,” she added.

The anger stemmed from the participation of the Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy in the protest. This caused ANTIFA-style thugs to form a social media witch hunt against the parades, which eventually resulted in their cancellation. The digital lynch mob wins again.

Wake Forest is not the only town to cancel its Christmas parade due to the potential for leftist terrorism. The city of Garner, which is a suburb of Raleigh, has also cancelled their parade as well.

This “War on Christmas” agitation was sparked by University of North Carolina (UNC) activists who had participated in a rally against the “Silent Sam” statue on their campus. They had publicly defiled, desecrated and eventually pulled down the statue that was erected in 1913 to honor students who had fought in the Civil War.

Unfortunately for the rabid UNC leftists, the Sons of Confederate Veterans are receiving $2.5 million from the school to restore and relocate the iconic statue. The targeting of the Christmas parades can be seen retribution for the decision.

“For over 70 years, our community Christmas parade has been a beloved family tradition. Not once in all that time has our event been anything less than a peaceful family-friendly celebration that highlights the wonderful spirit of our community. But sadly, times have changed,” Mayor Jones said.

Times have certainly changed, with the civilizational death cult on the march. The Left will crush all American cultural traditions unless they are soundly defeated.


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