Two Major Realtor Websites Remove Crime Data Feature Citing “Racist” Neighborhoods

Two of the most-used home-buying realtor websites in the United States have removed features that enable home seekers to evaluate levels of crime in their prospective neighborhoods, citing supposedly racially biased consequences from concerns over violent crime in communities.

Both and have recently disabled the crime analysis feature from their services, both of the companies doing so on Monday. It’s unclear how such a move may have been coordinated between the services.

A statement on the policy change by a executive explained that they didn’t see crime statistic as integral to gauging a community’s “safety,” a metric they instead appear inclined to gauge through its commitment to racial justice.

The [crime] data available don’t [sic] allow us to speak accurately to that question, and given the long history of redlining and racist housing covenants in the United States.

Despite allusions to “racial justice” and diversity, some research into the structure of communities inhabited by white liberals suggests they may be even more segregated than some cities and towns of the Jim Crow-era South. White conservatives who live in rural areas are slightly more likely to live in homogeneous areas, but “elite” liberals who live in more metropolitan areas have perfected a method of indirect racial segregation in which most minority groups are priced out of living in affluent, overserved communities often closely connected to some of the most powerful Big Tech companies.

In dismissing the concerns of homebuyers over violent crime in their communities as supposed racial prejudice, Realtor and Redfin have demonstrated bias themselves, conflating crime itself with diversity and minority neighborhoods. Many critics of the industry decision blasted the service for what amounts to actual, real racism.

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