U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Catches COVID-19 Despite Being Triple Vaccinated

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has contracted the COVID-19 virus despite being triple vaccinated and receiving the maximum amount of Big Pharma protection for the illness.

“I have informed my leadership team of my positive test result, as well as the President,” Austin said. “My staff has begun contact tracing and testing of all those with whom I have come into contact over the last week.”

Austin claims that his symptoms are mild and he will continue to attend meetings virtually “to the degree possible” over the coming week. He was fully vaccinated, getting two jabs and receiving a booster shot. Even though these shots failed at keeping him safe, Austin remains a shill for them in his official role lording over the Pentagon.

“The vaccines work and will remain a military medical requirement for our workforce. I continue to encourage everyone eligible for a booster shot to get one. This remains a readiness issue,” he said.

Big League Politics has reported on how military tactics are being used to launch psy ops on the masses in order to compel them to submit to the COVID-19 vaccine:

The globalists in the UK government have been exposed for using black ops honed in the foreign battlefields of Syria to manipulate public perceptions of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Grayzone has unearthed documents showing how the British government cultivated transgender YouTube influencer Abigail Thorn as an asset at the behest of this black ops entity, using her network of anti-fascists known as the BreadTube collective, to disseminate propaganda propping up the COVID-19 vaccine regime.

The project has been tasked with fomenting psychological warfare against British citizens, developing profiles on them, and then maligning critics of the propaganda effort as “superspreaders” of “disinformation.” This was allegedly designed “to curb the influence of pseudoscience material online, with specific emphasis on Coronavirus-related ‘anti-vaxxing’ sentiment.”

The operation is called “Challenging Pseudoscience” and has been commissioned by the UK’s Royal Institution. Charles, the Prince of Wales, who is next in succession for British royalty, is a primary benefactor for the project. He has been a major vaccine pusher and backer of censorship against “conspiracy theories” since the inception of the COVID pandemic.

The Royal Institution has worked with Valent Projects, a “social change” organization that works on military ops for the purposes of regime destabilization in the third world. They had helped the UK Foreign Office’s campaign on a regime change attempt against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, which ultimately failed. Valent is also involved with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) for similar propaganda efforts.

Internal documents have shown Valent plotting to engineer a “mass appeal social media campaign fronted and owned by prominent social media figure Abigail Thorn,” adding that their propaganda would “be used to devise a campaign that utilizes YouTuber Abigail Thorn’s existing platform to achieve a measurable cognitive shift in the target audience,” in order to engender feelings of hatred and distrust among the masses against COVID policy skeptics.”

Austin, who is promoting the idea of a “woke” military, is now a walking testament to the failure of the COVID vaccine regime. These policies will likely constitute the most grotesque public health crimes in world history by the time this is all said and done.

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