U.S. Government Suspends All Flights Going to Venezuela

The Department of Homeland Security officially suspended all passenger and cargo flights between the U.S. and Venezuela.

All major U.S. carriers had previously ended flights to Caracas.

The DHS cites “ongoing political stability and increased tensions” for the latest flight suspension.

The Financial Times reports that this decision was taken after opposition leader Juan Guaidó’s failed uprising against Nicolás Maduro’s government. Analysis on the ground has determined that Maduro is still firmly in control of the government.

Venezuela’s collapse is the product of decades of damaging economic policies. Insecurity, rampant inflation, capital depletion, and passenger shortages have caused American airlines to suspend flights to the country.

ZeroHedge notes that of the 32 foreign airlines present in Venezuelan since 2013, one-third remain active in the country, and the number of seats on international flights have dropped by 80%.

In March, American Airlines became the last major carrier to stop flights going to Venezuela.

With geopolitical tensions brewing in Iran and Venezuela, the U.S. government has had to take precautionary measures to keep its citizens safe in the event of a potential conflagration.

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