U.S. Postal Service Unable to Comply with Last-Minute Ballot Sweep Ordered by Federal Judge

The U.S. Postal Service (U.S.P.S.) was unable to comply with a federal judge’s order to do a last-minute ballot sweep at postal facilities, which would have conceivably opened the door for extreme fraud.

Big League Politics reported earlier today on Judge Emmett Sullivan’s order for U.S.P.S. to immediately sweep locations in various locations, with many of them in crucial battleground states, for ballots that may have fallen through the cracks. Sullivan stated in his ruling that the U.S.P.S. had “to ensure that no ballots have been held up and that any identified ballots are immediately sent out for delivery.”

The U.S.P.S. announced in an official statement that they could simply not comply with the ridiculous request.

“Given the time constraints set by this Court’s order, and the fact that Postal Inspectors operate on a nationwide basis, Defendants were unable to accelerate the daily review process to run from 12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. without significantly delaying preexisting activities on the day of the election,” the USPS said in a statement.

“There are only one or two Inspectors in any one facility, and thus they do not have the ability to personally scour the entire facility. Indeed, doing so would be impractical (given the size of that facility) and would take them away from their other pressing Election Mail-related responsibilities,” they added.

Big League Politics has noted the extreme political bias of Judge Sullivan, the man who is overseeing the railroading of Michael Flynn even after the Justice Department dismissed the case over the many improprieties committed by the FBI while conducting the investigation:

The judge prolonging Michael Flynn’s court case after the Department of Justice announced its intentions to drop the process crime charges against the retired Army general has hired a high-powered D.C. lawyer to defend himself against the scrutiny of the appeals court system.

Judge Emmet Sullivan hired former Brett Kavanaugh attorney Beth Wilkinson on Saturday. Some legal scholars are questioning the need for a federal judge to hire a lawyer to navigate the federal judiciary, especially for a court case in which the Justice Department has already dropped its initiative to prosecute Flynn for lying to the FBI. The case against Flynn fell apart when misconduct on the part of the FBI agents investigating him was exposed, revealing that the agency was seeking to set him up from the beginning.

Yet Sullivan refused to end the court proceedings involving Flynn after prosecutors withdrew their case. The Democrat-aligned federal judge has weighed holding Flynn in contempt of court for changing his initial guilty plea, and now is taking the unprecedented step of essentially assuming the role of the prosecution. Sullivan has appointed a third-party lawyer to make arguments against the federal government’s decision to drop charges.

Flynn lawyer Sidney Powell has filed a writ of mandamus to stop Sullivan’s prolonged, extrajudicial prosecution of the former White House National Security Advisor. A federal appeals court demanded that Sullivan answer for his extremely unusual and arguably unprecedented judicial actions, which essentially serve as usurping the role of prosecution for the judge himself.

This is a loss for the swamp, as they have lost a massive opportunity to commit voter fraud after the U.S.P.S. was unable to comply with Judge Sullivan’s request.