U.S. Senate Candidate Mo Brooks Affirms Staunch Opposition to Both Illegal and Legal Immigration

During his recent appearance on Big League Politics Live, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) spoke at length about his opposition not only to illegal immigration but also to legal immigration that is regularly lobbied for by wealthy special interests.

Brooks noted his opposition to illegal immigration when asked about the Protect America First Act, co-sponsored by Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-AL) and Paul Gosar (R-AZ), which would reinstate a zero-tolerance immigration policy, stop human trafficking, deport illegal aliens, and end chain migration.

“I support deporting every single illegal alien in the United States of America. It’s about rule of law. It’s about deterrence. When you make it sections, when you do not enforce your laws, then you are encouraging whatever criminal conduct it is that the law says you are not supposed to engage in,” he said.

Brooks touted his record on border security, citing his top rankings from organizations such as Numbers USA and the Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform.

He said we should “absolutely protect our border from the onslaught of illegal aliens that are coming across on to American soil where their first step on American soil is to spit on our Constitution and our laws.”

“Roughly speaking each year, there are 2,000 dead Americans killed at the hands of illegal aliens on American soil. 2,000 dead Americans! 2,000 Americans who are alive today you can expect to be dead a year from now because they were killed because of illegal alien conduct,” Brooks said.

“And if 2,000 is not enough, then think about the more than 30,000 dead Americans each year from drug overdoses on deadly narcotics shipped through our porous southern border. There are reasons to secure our border. We need to do it, if for nothing else than to save American lives that the socialist Democrats seemingly don’t care one twit about in their crass coveting of political power, which is what all this is about on our southern border,” he added.

When asked about the dangers of legal immigration, Brooks made the point that corporations shipping in third-world labor hurts native American workers.

“The lawful immigration focuses on the white-collar American worker, suppressing the wages of our middle class people in America, and that’s also wrong. We should not allow the Big Tech companies or the United States Chamber of Commerce to affect the supply-demand equilibrium in the labor markets by artificially inflating the labor supply by bringing in swarms of foreign workers that each and every one of them hurts the wages of American citizens and denies American citizens jobs. That’s wrong,” he said.

For more information on Brooks’ candidacy for U.S. Senate, visit his official website at mobrooks.com. The entire BLP Live episode featuring Brooks can be accessed here.

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