UFC President Dana White Defends Joe Rogan Against Attacks, Slams Medical Establishment for Restricting COVID Treatments

UFC President Dana White is defending podcaster and commentator Joe Rogan against attacks from the political and medical establishment, which are demanding his cancellation.

After a recent event, White addressed the controversy and refused to back down. He defended Rogan’s right of free speech and noted how monoclonal antibodies and ivermectin are being restricted by the political and medical establishment that wants Rogan’s head on a platter.

“You know what’s scary? I bet I could get some pain pills quicker than I could get monoclonal antibodies,” White said while addressing reporters at a press conference.

“Ever since I came out and said what I did, it’s almost impossible to get monoclonal antibodies. They’re making it so you can’t get them. Medicine that absolutely works, they’re keeping from us,” he continued.

“Now Rogan’s been talking about it and I went crazy talking about it, you can’t get those things to save your life now, literally. It’s disgusting,” White added. “It’s one of the craziest things I’ve ever witnessed in my life. And we’re not talking about experimental drugs or things – this stuff’s been around. Ivermectin, the guy won a Nobel Peace Prize.”

White’s comments can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on how White’s defiance has humiliated the COVID regime and its soulless enforcers:

UFC President Dana White received a tremendous amount of flak for refusing to cancel shows throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and now he’s rubbing it in the faces of the critics.

White posted a video last week along with a caption to inspire fans whose lives may have been severely impacted by the pandemic and lockdown restrictions pushed with help of media-generated hysteria.

“As we roll into 2021, I just wanted to remind everyone there’s ALWAYS a solution to every problem! So, cut through all the bullshit, and don’t let these people that don’t matter tell you how to live your life,” White wrote in a tweet.

“It’s up to YOU to take care of your business, your family, your employees, and those you care about!!!” he added.

In the video, White shows the many critics inside and outside of the MMA industry who doubted him for putting on shows throughout the year. White refused to succumb to the criticism and kept many families fed with his steadfast resolve to stay in business despite the pandemic.

“Our events were successful in every way, shape and form that an event could be successful. I’m proud of our crew. We pulled this thing off, and that’s what we’ve always done, and that’s what we will always continue to do,” White said in the video.

“The media are not in the news business. They’re in the clickbait business. They think negativity sells and gets click, so that’s what they deliver. Negativity is their product, but I’m not going to let that stop us,” he continued.

“Any time there is great success, it is surrounded by negativity but here is the reality: None of the media people know anything about this business. A lot of people did not want this to happen, but what we are good at is proving people wrong,” White added.”

The UFC is a fount of masculinity and common sense in a world gone mad. White should consider running for public office at some point.

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