UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Surrenders to Hysteria, Announces Four-Week COVID Lockdown

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is continuing to escalate his total submission to COVID-19 fear, instituting a four-week lockdown across his country.

All shops deemed nonessential and hospitality services will be shuttered for at least a month under the proposal which will be officially announced on Saturday, according to the BBC News. It will also come with travel restrictions and officially go into place on a national basis on Thursday. Schools and colleges will reportedly remain open, at least until the media scares people into accepting their forced closure as well.

There have been reports that the second wave of coronavirus will result in more deaths than the initial wave, according to dubious projections from the so-called experts. These corporate-approved bureaucrats are saying that 4,000 people could die per day unless shutdowns and other Draconian measures are enacted quickly, and PM Johnson is drinking their kool aid.

“If we are going to put the brakes on the epidemic now, then we’re going to have to put the brakes on harder and longer to bring the cases down to what might be an acceptable level,” said Professor John Edmunds, who works with the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, a shadowy government bureaucracy that depends on public fear to sustain their budgets and influence.

Big League Politics has reported on how PM Johnson’s leadership has paled in comparison to that of U.S. President Donald Trump, who shook off the China plague like it was nothing and returned to the campaign trail undaunted. Meanwhile, PM Johnson struggled to recover from COVID-19 and then publicly thanked mass immigration and socialist healthcare after he finally was healed:

After being stricken with coronavirus and considered in critical condition for days, United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson emerged from the hospital after a stay in the intensive care unit.

The Tory leader came out of the infirmary singing the praises of the country’s National Health System (NHS) and the immigrants who are instrumental in its implementation.

“The reason, in the end, my body did start to get enough oxygen was because, for every second of the night, they were watching and they were thinking and they were caring and making the interventions I needed,” Johnson said in an address to the nation on Sunday.

“So that is also how I know, that across this country, 24 hours a day, for every second, for every hour, there are hundreds of thousands of NHS staff who are acting with the same care and thought and precision as Jenny and Luis,” he added.

Johnson was particularly effusive in heaping praise toward the immigrant doctors who treated him while he was in the ICU. It does not appear that Johnson will be pushing back against mass immigration and socialism throughout the Brexit process if his sentiments are any indicator.

“I will never, ever be able to repay you and I will never stop thanking you,” Johnson said. He also called Britain’s socialized healthcare model “unconquerable” and “the beating heart of this country.”

Jill Rutter, a senior fellow at the Institute for Government in London, noted that Johnson’s response will likely be used to paper over the NHS and strengthen their bureaucratic power in the years moving forward.

“That video yesterday — everyone says that is Boris like they’ve never seen him before championing the NHS,’’ Rutter said. “He would pay a massive political price for hypocrisy if he appeared to be doing anything that suggests skepticism about the NHS or its performance after that speech.’’

PM Johnson, who was elected to liberated Britain from globalism, is now inflicting tyranny on his own people on a grand scale. He has governed in the same shameful manner as his Tory predecessors David Cameron and Theresa May while serving as prime minister.

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