UK Report: 40% of Those Hospitalized for COVID-19 Were Fully Vaccinated

On Tuesday the United Kingdom Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance gave a press conference in which he warned that 60% of those admitted to hospitals for COVID-19 had received both doses of a COVID-19 vaccine. Vallance later issued a tweet explaining that he had previously misspoken, with the actual number around 40%.

Speaking at a Downing Street news briefing, Sir Patrick Vallance said:

“In terms of the number of people in hospital who’ve been double-vaccinated, we know it’s around 60% of the people being admitted to hospital with COVID.”

Vallance continued, explaining that the extraordinarily high figure was nothing to worry about.

“And that’s not surprising because the vaccines are not one hundred percent effective, they’re very very effective but not a hundred percent, and as a higher proportion of the population is double vaccinated, it’s inevitable that those ten percent of that very large number remain at risk and therefore will be amongst the people who both catch the infection and end up in hospital.”

The press conference was soon after followed by a Twitter post, in which Vallance said the percentage of hospitalized COVID-19 patients who were fully vaccinated lies at 40% rather than 60%.

“Correcting a statistic I gave at the press conference today, 19 July. About 60% of hospitalisations from covid are not from double vaccinated people, rather 60% of hospitalisations from covid are currently from unvaccinated people.”

The post drew a wide array of responses, with many expressing skeptcism and even accusing Vallance as possibly lying.

“I’m sorry but HOW do you as UK Science Chief get such important figures wrong and discredit the double vaccinated in the process?” Posted one user. “Doesn’t add up and very suspect. Were you mistaken then or LYING now?”

“You Lying,” said another user in a more brief response.

The United Kingdom currently sits at a rate of about 54% of its citizens fully vaccinated, with UK experts predicting that they may call for another lockdown before Christmas.

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