Ukraine’s Azov Battalion Drops Neo-Nazi Symbol After Widespread Criticism

Ukraine’s controversial Azov battalion has given up its neo-Nazi symbol, in order to make it easier for propaganda efforts to bamboozle Western simpletons that they are in actuality the good guys.

The fake news reports claimed that Azov’s blatant Nazi imagery “helped perpetuate Russian propaganda,” because the literal truth is apparently considered “Russian propaganda” in today’s upside-down clown world.

“On the same principles and ideological basis as the legendary Azov regiment, we form new divisions. Every day they become more numerous and professional,” Maksym Zhorin, an Azov commander, said on Sunday at a ceremony where the branding change was announced.

Big League Politics has reported on Azov’s roots in Nazism, which have been deemed acceptable by a press that regularly slanders anyone to the Right of Karl Marx as the second coming of Hitler:

The fake news media is propagandizing on behalf of the Azov Battalion, an unabashed Nazi group that exterminated tens of thousands of ethnic Russians after the globalists successfully initiated a color revolution coup in Ukraine in 2014.

The Sunday Times and The Financial Times recently published gushing articles painting the neo-Nazi group as heroic patriots and claiming that they are “fighting the real Nazis of the 21st century.” The article claimed that “Azov has evolved so far from its origins as to make its far-right roots meaningless.”

It should come as no surprise that Azov is promoting the globalist propaganda that additional NATO intervention is needed in Ukraine, even if it may result in World War 3.

“To retake our regions, we need vehicle-mounted anti-aircraft weapons from Nato,” said Artem Hubenko, a neo-Nazi Azov fighter. “It’s very hard to bring down Russian aircraft with the mobile weapons we have. Our children are more important than fear of Putin’s aggression.”

“I ask you not to confuse patriotism with Nazism,” he added, before declaring “Glory to Ukraine!”

Reminder: This neo-Nazi group’s ultra-nationalist beliefs are perfectly fine and should be supported with weapons, according to the globalists. But if you wave a Trump flag and believe that election fraud occurred and COVID restrictions were overwrought, you’re a terrorist threat in the eyes of this same cabal.

The fake news leader CNN is also creating propaganda on behalf of the Azov battalion, even though it might not be as heavy-handed as the attempt from The Sunday Times and The Financial Times. They claim that the neo-Nazi heritage of the Azov battalion is being “exploited” by Putin.

“Azov’s military and political wings formally separated in 2016, when the far-right National Corps party was founded. The Azov battalion had by then been integrated into the Ukrainian National Guard,” CNN stated.

“An effective fighting force that’s very much involved in the current conflict, the battalion has a history of neo-Nazi leanings, which have not been entirely extinguished by its integration into the Ukrainian military,” they admitted.

CNN noted that “in the not-too-distant past, Azov’s leadership openly espoused ​White supremacist views and cultivated links with similarly minded groups and individuals in the West.” The Azov battalion continues to defend their founder Andriy Biletsky, who claimed his goal was to “lead the White races of the world in a final crusade.” Azov told CNN that they appreciate “Andriy Biletsky as the regiment’s founder and first commander.”

The lionization of these blatant neo-Nazis by the fake news media, Democrats, neocon Republicans, and the globalist establishment shows just how insane the ruling class has become. They are rotten to their very core and their derangement puts the world in serious peril. Putin doesn’t seem that bad by comparison.

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