Ukrainian Leader Hints at Ukrainians Committing Acts of Terrorism in Europe if Western Aid is Cut

Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky warned leaders of the Collective West to not push Ukraine into a corner by slashing military aid to the war-torn country. He specifically pointed to  the millions of refugees who have currently “behaved well” in Europe may start to behave in an erratic manner.

In an interview with the Economist, Zelensky effectively made this veiled threat to European countries.

“There is no way of predicting how the millions of Ukrainian refugees in European countries would react to their country being abandoned”, Zelensky reportedly said about the prospect of the Collective West cutting military aid to Ukraine. Zelensky noted that Ukrainians are thankful for the asylum they had received during the war and had “behaved well thus far. However, stability could not be guaranteed if the West cuts this aid to Ukraine.

In addition, the magazine reports that Zelensky told it: “…it would not be a ‘good story’ for Europe if it were to ‘drive these people into a corner’.”

Zelensky’s remarks came against the backdrop of a debate on how to end the Russo-Ukrainian conflict sooner, and Zelensky’s feeling that there has been  “a change of mood” among Western leaders with respect to the constant stream of military aid as the much-hyped counteroffensive falters. “I see that he or she is not here, not with us”, he commented about the attitude shift towards Ukraine he senses among Western elites.

Zelensky did his best George W. Bush impression, telling the magazine: “If you are not with Ukraine, you are with Russia, and if you are not with Russia, you are with Ukraine. And if partners do not help us, it means they will help Russia to win. That is it.”

Per figures from the European Union, there are four million Ukrainian refugees in Europe. There are a million each in Poland and Germany. Another 210,000 Ukrainian refugees are located in the United Kingdom. 

What’s taking place in Ukraine is a tragedy but it could have still been prevented had the US and its satrapies in NATO stop trying to expand along Russia’s border by turning Ukraine into a de facto NATO satellite. No one listened to the warnings of international relations scholar John Mearsheimer, and now Ukraine could find itself on the verge of state collapse. 

The result could have the Ukrainian diaspora community, at least its radically embittered elements, being used as non-state subversive actors to attack not only Russia but also European governments that don’t comply with the Anglo-American geopolitical agenda. 

Unless there’s a fundamental change in the elites in the Collective West, we can expect further tension to kick off between Russia and the Collective West.

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