Ukrainian President is Butthurt About Lack of NATO Membership Timeline for His Country

On July 11, 2023, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Secretary Jens Stoltenberg informed reporters that the Western military alliance would invite Ukraine to join “when the Allies agree and conditions are met.” 

Stoltenberg’s remarks followed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s criticism of NATO leaders. In a tweet posted, Zelensky stated, “wording is being discussed without Ukraine” that doesn’t make it clear about how soon his country will join the alliance. He was referring to the draft text that’s being disseminated. Ukrainian authorities want specific promises on when and how it can become a member of NATO. 

In a similar vein, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said to Bloomberg Television in an interview that NATO shouldn’t maintain “the whole situation and Ukraine in limbo when it comes to membership.” He added that all conditions were already set for Ukraine to receive an invitation at the Vilnius summit and Ukraine will continue working with NATO members on a timeline for its eventual membership.

“The shorter it will be, the better it will be for everyone,” he added.

Ukrainian leaders are simply complaining too much. Adding Ukraine into NATO would be a major escalation that could prompt Russia to take even harsher military action in that theater of conflict. At the end of the day, Zelensky should be thankful that Western nations are having their taxpayers provide his government welfare in the form of vast amounts of military aid for a conflict that Ukraine and Russia should be sorting out among themselves. 

Sadly, the Collective West — thanks to the fanatic foreign policy mindset that has engulfed its leadership class — will continue this deployment of military aid for the foreseeable future.

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