Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Calls on West to Supply Ukraine With Anti-Aircraft Defense Systems

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky fervently called for a “full protective shield” of air defense systems to be supplied  to his government. His supplications for more aid comes after what he describes as a “Russian missile terror”.

After a series of missile shelling attacks launched in the Donetsk region and the historic port city of Odessa, President Zelensky has urged Western allies to provide Ukraine with additional anti-aircraft systems to defend the country from the Russian missile onslaught. 

“Ukraine needs a full-fledged sky shield – this is the only way to defeat Russian missile terror. We have already shown that we can shoot down even the Russian missiles that the terrorists boasted about,” the Ukrainian president posted on Twitter.

“Thanks to the help of our partners and the air defense systems provided to Ukraine, our defenders of the sky have saved thousands of lives. But we need more air defense systems for our entire territory, for all our cities and communities. The world must not get used to Russian terror – terror must be defeated. And it is possible!”, Zelensky continued.

These comments came after another  volley of attacks on the city of Odessa on the morning of July 23, 2023, in addition to strikes that appeared to have struck grain storage facilities throughout the past week.

These attacks come at a time when Ukraine’s counter offensive appears to be sputtering against a well-dug in Russian military that also enjoys air superiority. 

Zelensky is clearly on the US taxpayer’s dole. What’s taking place in Ukraine is of little strategic importance to the US. It’s actually the product of the West’s arrogant expansionist agenda through the expansion of NATO on Russia’s doorstep.

In a sane political climate, the US would not be doling out military aid to countries such as Ukraine. Instead, it would be using those funds to properly bolster its security at the southern border — the real area that is of the utmost strategic importance for the US. 

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