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UK’s National Health Service Now Offering Gender Transition Services to Children as Young as 3

It’s unsurprising to see such a development from Clown Island.



A division of the UK’s National Health Service is now offering gender transition services to children as young as three and four years old.

The Gender Identity Development Service is treating young children with supposed gender dysphoria over the internet, offering them therapy, diagnosis, and even hormone-altering medication.

It goes without saying diagnosing a five year child as supposedly transgender is ludicrous on its face. The NHS’ decision to embrace such practices is likely to lead to lasting psychological issues for thousands of children.

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More than 2,500 children have already been referred to the transgender services division of the national health care program.

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Medical “professionals” are diagnosing children with gender dysphoria over Skype and other teleconference software services.

Leading endocrinologists have spoken out against attempts by politically correct elements of the medical community to extend gender transition treatment to children, but they’ve mostly been dismissed as right wing bigots by establishment medical institutions.

In some cases, children around ten years old are given hormones that will block their body’s onset of puberty. Doctors believe that delaying puberty will give children more time to decide which gender to identify as. It should normally go without saying that undergoing puberty itself will assist individuals in understanding and embracing their naturally-given gender identity, but such a notion is ignored by radical elements of the medical community.

It’s unsurprising that such a bizarre development would occur in the UK, which has been termed ‘clown island’ by international observers for the utterly insane levels of political correctness at the highest levels of the nation’s elite institutions.

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“ALLAHU AKBAR”: ANOTHER Muslim Terrorist Attack Shakes France, Three Dead in Stabbing Attack



Three people have died and several others were wounded following yet another Islamic terrorist attack in France, this time in the city of Nice.

Per the BBC, French authorities said an elderly victim “was virtually beheaded.” The two other deceased victims were a man and a woman.

Police shot and detained the terrorist. There aren’t too many details about him as of this writing, though it is alleged that he was a 21-year-old male of Tunisian extraction and that he was acting alone.

Nevertheless, French authorities are not taking any chances. Thousands of troops are said to have been deployed to protect churches and schools, according to the BBC.

Big League Politics reported on the last Islamic terrorist attack in France, when an 18-year-old beheaded a teacher who showed cartoon depictions of Muhammad in his classroom:

A teenager shot dead by French police is said to have beheaded a teacher near Paris while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar.’

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