UN Plans New Global Censorship Push to Combat “Hate Speech”

The United Nations released a new and rambling plan to combat what the organization sees as “hate speech” on Saturday. A memo on the plan was signed off on by the organization’s secretary-general, Antonio Guterres.

The globalist organization was vague and unclear on what exactly they defined as “hate speech,” choosing to describe the phenomenon as “any kind of communication in speech, writing or behaviour, that attacks or uses pejorative or discriminatory language with reference to a person or a group on the basis of who they are, in other words, based on their religion, ethnicity, nationality, race, colour, descent, gender or other identity factor.”

Quite obviously, western liberals would describe almost any form of right-leaning political speech or criticism of mass immigration as hate speech under the aforementioned definition. The UN’s memo tried to evade calling for explicit legal criminalization of “hate speech,” but was clear that the globalist organization did in fact see certain forms of speech as criminal conduct.

Rather than prohibiting hate speech as such, international law prohibits the incitement to discrimination, hostility and violence (referred to here as ‘incitement’). Incitement is a very dangerous form of speech, because it explicitly and deliberately aims at triggering discrimination, hostility and violence, which may also lead to or include terrorism or atrocity crimes. Hate speech that does not reach the threshold of incitement is not something that international law requires States to prohibit. It is important to underline that even when not prohibited, hate speech may to be harmful.”

The United Nations’ perception that its member states are required to expressly criminalize what they see as “incitement” radically conflicts with the American tradition of free speech, in which almost any form of political speech is protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Pro-liberty Canadian Parliamentarian Maxime Bernier fired back at the global censorship campaign, comparing it to Canada’s draconian “hate speech” laws which are largely used to criminalize and silence right-wing political thought.

As the UN prepares for a global censorship drive, it’s increasingly clear such protections of liberty are seen as a hindrance, not a tradition worth keeping.

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