UNBELIEVABLE: Buzzfeed Doxxed Internet’s Oldest Conservative Site For No Apparent Reason

Buzzfeed is continuing the left’s new tactic of posting private information about private individuals publicly with no cause or provocation, this time releasing the identity of the owner of Conservative Post, the Internet’s oldest source of conservative news.

Late last night, Buzzfeed‘s Craig Silverman and Jennifer Grygiel published an article titled “We Found The Pseudonymous Man Behind One Of The Oldest Conservative News Outlets Online”, and bragged about their sleuthing to the Buzzfeed audience.

They did nothing to explain why outing the man, a Chattanooga, Tennessee resident, was newsworthy information.

Buzzfeed explains that Patriot Post is possibly the Internet’s oldest source of conservative news, founded in 1996. Throughout the article, the fact that Patriot Post does not run ads, but instead depends entirely on direct donations from its readers, seems to enrage the Buzzfeed journalists:

While you may not have heard of the Patriot Post, it is among the oldest conservative publications online. In addition to its website, it has a newsletter whose subscribers seemingly number in the hundreds of thousands, and a large and growing presence on Facebook. Although it doesn’t run ads or charge for subscriptions, it generates enough revenue to fund a full-time staff and significant ongoing Facebook ad campaign. Yet who runs it has remained largely concealed from the public throughout its 23-year history.

Buzzfeed went on to explain that the “pseudonyms, claims of top GOP endorsements, ad-free model, and reluctance to share details about its operations make it one of the most unique, and mysterious, partisan news operations.”

Big League Politics will not join Buzzfeed in providing the name of the website’s owner, who uses the pseudonym Mark M. Alexander on the site. Alexander explains the reason for his pseudonym is “proprietary”, as is the number of email addresses subscribed to Patriot Post‘s newsletter.

Again, Buzzfeed does not make clear why they considered any of this newsworthy, or why they decided to post private information about the website.

If this seems familiar, it should. Earlier this year, a convicted hacker who was previously banned from the Internet and now works as a Daily Beast journalist, with Facebook’s help doxxed an African American man because he owns a Facebook page that posted a viral meme video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appearing to sound drunk:

Facebook has thus far not commented to Big League Politics regarding the assistance they provided Daily Beast journalist and former convicted hacker Kevin Poulsen in doxxing the formerly private citizen who shared the viral meme of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appearing to speak even less clearly than usual.

Poulsen bragged about receiving private information directly from Facebook about Shawn Brooks, the man who uploaded the viral video of Pelosi that was slightly edited to make her appear less coherent than usual from big tech platform Facebook in his hit piece.

Last year, CNN doxxed an elderly supporter of President Donald Trump, causing violent leftists to attack her online. The same network also threatened to dox a user who created a viral meme, depicting President Trump body slamming CNN, essentially blackmailing the user to apologize for his funny meme.

The United States has clearly crossed into a new frontier, where journalists have carte blanche permission to dox private citizens for doing things they find distasteful.

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