UNC Chancellor Is OUT After National Controversy Surrounding Silent Sam Toppling

University of North Carolina chancellor Carol Folt is resigning her position after the national controversy surrounding the takedown of the Silent Sam monument on campus in Chapel Hill.

With her resignation announcement, Folt addressed the issue on everyone’s mind, saying that she has ordered the base of Silent Sam to be taken off campus. Taxpayers in North Carolina and at least one member of the UNC Board of Governors expressed outrage at the toppling of Silent Sam, and the statue’s fate remains unresolved.

On the night of the riot that felled Silent Sam, chancellor Folt put out a statement pushing the narrative that it was a peaceful protest, despite much evidence to the contrary. Dozens of arrests were made in connection with the series of riots that shook Chapel Hill and endangered students.

Americans from across the country came together to condemn the actions of the rioters. Here, I interviewed black Confederate flag supporter H.K. Edgerton, who beautifully put the situation in perspective.


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