UNCOVERED: Rashida Tlaib Wanted To Deport American Citizen Donald Trump in 2015

The Muslim Congresswoman from Michigan, Rashida Tlaib, shockingly demanded the deportation of an American citizen back in 2015.

Her tweet simply stated, “Deport this asshole!” in reference to a Daily Mail article covering Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

The revelation of this tweet must shock the Congresswoman’s supporters who have spent the last two weeks calling President Trump a “racist” for his call for anti-America Congresswomen like Tlaib to leave America if they dislike it so strongly.

Trump, also referenced Ilhan Omar in his remarks, saying she could go back to her home country of Somalia.

Of course, this led to more accusations of Trump being racist, even though a mountain of evidence is piling up against Omar in alleged immigration fraud involving her marriage to a man believed to be her brother.

But even Omar has wanted to deport people back where they came from in a tweet from 2012.

Tlaib has went viral recently because of a video showing the future Congresswoman being removed from a Trump speech in 2016 after a mental meltdown.


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