Under the Radar: Republican Wins For the First Time in the Bronx Since 2004

While many blue cities have become completely inhospitable for Republicans, there are still pockets where Republicans can still make gains in. Yes, even cities like New York City can still see Republicans pull off upsets here and there.

On November 7, 2023, Kristy Marmorato won her race in Council District (CD) 13 in the East Bronx. In doing so, Marmorato became the first Republican to be elected to public office in the Bronx since 2004.

She unseated incumbent Democrat Marjorie Velázquez who has served one term as CD 13’s council member.

At Brewski’s Bar and Grill in Throggs Neck on the night of November 7, Marmorato declared victory in front of her family and supporters.

“We did it,” Marmorato said before her supporters. “I’m honored to have this role and I’m going to make the people of the District 13 so proud.”

Marmorato obtained nearly 55% of the vote to Velázquez’s 45% of the vote. 

The district is made up 61.7% registered Democrat voters, 44% registered Republican voters, and 19.8% independent voters. In 2021, then-Republican mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa won the district by one percentage point over the current Mayor Eric Adams. 

Mamorato largely ran on a pro-law & order and anti-corruption campaign to cruise to victory. In many traditionally blue jurisdictions, there are significant working-class constituencies that are tired of high crime making them feel unsafe and mass migration depressing their wages. 

As a result, they’re willing to pull the lever for Republicans who are willing to run on unapologetic national platforms. Republicans should definitely take note and replicate these successful electoral efforts in blue jurisdictions.

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