Underage Sexting Skyrockets During COVID-19 Lockdowns as the Youth Falls to Decadence and Sin

The COVID-19 lockdown policies have caused societal damage that few are able to fathom. Young people, who have been isolated from their social circles and made to endure unfathomable indignities, are arguably suffering the most, and their moral fiber is waning as a result.

According to the Wall Street Journal, teenagers are turning to sexual objectification to find gratification during the lockdowns. The online safety app Bark found that the daily volume on average of children’s text messages featuring sexual content has risen by 37 percent since before the pandemic.

Teenage girls claim that they are pressured by boys for nudes on a regular basis, and in an age when liberation from dignity and virtue is the highest moral value, this means these young girls are complying at stunning rates.

A meta-analysis performed in 2019 in the JAMA Pediatrics showed that 1 in 7 adolescents have sent sexual text messages of their naked body parts, 1 in 4 adolescents have received these sexual text messages, and 1 in 8 adolescents have forwarded these sexual text messages without informing the individual who sent them.

Big League Politics has reported on how social media providers and media outlets encouraged underage kids to create child pornography during the height of the pandemic in 2020:

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCSE) is putting the spotlight on Snapchat and Teen Vogue for allegedly encouraging children to make pornography during the coronavirus pandemic.

The center implored Snapchat and Teen Vogue to refrain from encouraging teens “to create child sexual abuse material (child pornography) by sexting during quarantine.” They are telling Snapchat to stop featuring content from Teen Vogue, a publication that has promoted anal sex and totalitarian communism to children in the past.

“Snapchat and Teen Vogue are playing right into sexual predators’ hands,” said NCSE executive director Dawn Hawkins.

“With the likely surge of young viewers on Snapchat due to quarantine, it is socially irresponsible for Snapchat Discover to encourage minors to self-produce underage pornography (i.e. child sexual abuse materials), thereby increasing their vulnerability to sexual predators,” she added.

The NCSE believes that instructing children to create and distribute sexually-obscene materials is wrong in every instance.

“Online predators use social media platforms to pose as peers and groom children to send them sexually explicit material (i.e. ‘sext’ with them) that they can then distribute and/or use to blackmail the child into other forms of sexual exploitation,” the NCSE said.

“What Teen Vogue is doing by promoting sexing to teens is insidious and harmful,” Hawkins said to the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Some of the objectionable content that Teen Vogue has published for kids includes, “How To Sext: The Best Tips & Tricks,” “Here Are 7 Things You Might Not Have Known About Sexting,” and “Sexting Should Make You Feel Good.” They have consistently promoted sexting to children throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

“Given what we know about the brain development of adolescents, it is clear that discussing ‘the importance of consent’ while promoting sexting for minors does not protect those minors from the dangers of sexting — even coerced sexting. The law generally does not recognize minors’ ability to consent,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins made it clear that any sexting involving children is always unacceptable, even when it is two kids sharing pornographic pictures of each other without any adults involved.”

America is slouching into Gomorrah, and the mainstreaming of child sexuality and pedophilia are a big part of this national march into Hades. If Christians do not stand up to defeat this LGBT plague, they will lose everything they hold dear and deservedly so.

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