Unelected Officials At CDC Just UNIAMOUSLY Voted To Add Covid Jab To Child Immunization Schedule

A group of unelected officials at the CDC just voted unanimously to require children to take the experimental Covd-19 vaccine to attend public schools.

The vote passed 15-0. So thanks to the buffoons over at the CDC, the Covid-19 shot will be added to the regular vaccine schedule mandated to children.

Though states can reject this guidance, many parents living in blue and purple states are worried about how this could impact their children in the near future.

Nevermind the real concerns regarding the Covid-19 jab’s efficiency – let alone its so-called importance for young, healthy children. The CDC has just pledged its allegiance to big pharma yet again. All at the expense of America’s youth.

Tucker Carlson covered this story ahead of the vote during his evening show on Tuesday alongside guest Dr. Marty Makary – WATCH:

Notably, Twitter added a warning label for the tweet above, saying “readers added context they thought people might want to know.”

Followed by: “The CDC immunization schedule is a guideline for commonly recommended childhood vaccinations.  Actual required vaccinations are determined by the states, not mandated nationally.”

Then Twitter shared a link to the CDC website. 

Of course, even though states will be responsible for whether or not they follow the CDC guideline, it’s expected that many Democrat controlled areas will likely “trust the science” on this new mandate.

Red States like Florida will surely oppose it. 

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Now remember, this vaccine does not prevent transmission. So the CDC forcing kids to take the jab because they failed at mandating it for adults has the internet furious.

As congressman Thomas Massie shared on Twitter: The Covid-19 vaccine does not prevent the spread of the virus, it can be harmful to children, its benefits wear off after 8 months per the CDC, and minors are more at risk of the common flu than the Covid itself.

“With even Big Pharma tempering their enthusiasm for mandating COVID vaccines on young people, will Fauci-enthusiasts at CDC still vote to mandate COVID vaxx on kids?” wrote Rand Paul on Twitter.

Congratulations on another big win for Pfizer!

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