“Dangerous Sociopath”… Wife of GOP Senator Who is Blocking the Effort to Defund Fani Willis Goes on Unhinged Rant

Ever since Georgia State Senator Colton Moore kicked off the process to call for an emergency session of the state legislature to investigate Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ indictment of former President Donald Trump… politicians have used every excuse in the book.

Moore’s letter caused a stir in conservative activist circles. Anti-Trump Republicans have either been silent about the matter or have been outright hostile to the concept as seen in the case of Senator Bo Hatchett. 

When corresponding with the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Hatchett openly said “what Moore is doing [calling for a special session] is ‘a horrible abuse of power.’ He’s using the money he steals from conservatives to attack fellow Republicans — doing nothing but helping the Democrats across the state and putting his conservative colleagues in danger.”

Grassroots conservatives had a field day with Hatchett’s remarks and overall inaction on the matter. Eventually, activists were able to drop petitions across the state highlighting that Hatchett is blocking Colton Moore and former President Donald Trump’s efforts to hold the Fulton County District Attorney’s office accountable. 

The dissemination of this material angered the likes of Ashley Hatchett, the state senator’s wife. In a Facebook post, Hatchett’s wife went on an unhinged rant about Moore. She said the following:

I hope that everyone who donated to this ignorant dangerous sociopath Colton Moore knows their money went straight to attacking other Republicans. I think we should just call him what he is — the Democrats’ biggest ally.

 He literally IS the “liberal left lunatic.”  PS  — Trump didn’t know what a liability and enemy to the Republican party this man would become when he made his video.

 PSS — not one single legislator signed his scheme, crock letter and Colton has been called a con artist by basically every single respected Republican in the state of Georgia. Talk about trying to make something out of nothing.

 If he had an OUNCE of decency he would’ve put Bo’s office number. Nope — that’s his cell. And everyone who calls it leaves the conversation knowing what a crook Colton is.

 If you donated to Colton after seeing the corrupt lies he’s tried to sell on Senate letterhead, please do call Bo. Maybe we can help get your money back from “Con Man” Colton, the cancer to the Republican Party.


Ashley Hatchett’s comments have not deterred conservative activists in the slightest bit. 

Political operative Cliff Maloney, who has been intimately involved in the process of calling for a special session in the Georgia state legislature, went on X to urge angry conservative to call Senator Hatchett’s office: 

1. Republican Senator Bo Hatchett refuses to sign Senator Colton Moore’s letter to defund the corrupt Georgia DA targeting Donald Trump 

2. Now Bo’s wife Ashley is going unhinged… calling Moore a dangerous sociopath. Wrong! 

3. Colton Moore is a Patriot. CALL BO: 706-499-6941


Over the last few weeks, Hatchet has faced a relentless pressure campaign by the conservative grassroots through an organization called “Citizens Alliance PAC”. 

A spokesman from Citizens Alliance PAC told me the following: 

Politicians don’t change their behavior until they hear directly from their own constituents. Our team of grassroots door-knockers will continue turning up the heat on Hatchett and his lukewarm counterparts in the Senate.

Staunch conservatives can still sign Moore’s official petition to back the probe of Fani Willis here. On top of that, they can contribute to Moore’s campaign to keep pressuring Georgia Republicans to do the right thing here.  

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