UNHOLY ALLIANCE: Facebook Censored Posts for Biden Regime Questioning Government-Imposed Vaccines

According to recent revelations from the Facebook Files, the Biden regime outsourced Wuhan virus censorship to Big Tech giants such as Facebook. 

Correspondence between leading Facebook executives and Biden regime officials exposed their joint venture to fight Wuhan virus vaccine skepticism and other content popping up across social media. The Biden regime, which is fanatically committed to pushing mass vaccination nationwide,  looked for Facebook’s help in using  special tools to directly harass users with vaccine skeptic views. 

Per internal communication, the Biden regime was relentless in pursuing privileged access to unique tools to single out vaccine-hesitant users. On top of that, this communication demonstrated the Biden regime’s impatience with Facebook staff, which it believed was not doing enough to share sensitive user data. 

For example, Meta — Facebook’s parent company —  said to the Biden regime that it would censor comments questioning whether individuals should receive a government-mandated vaccine and whether the government mandate constituted an abuse of government power.

Facebook claimed to have demoted such content irrespective of its veracity, due to how it allegedly creates a “vaccine negative environment.”

The public-partnership between the DC Swamp regime and Big Tech is one of the scariest developments in contemporary American politics. It demonstrates the flexibility of this despotic regime and its willingness to outsource its tyrannical acts to the private sector. 

Such a relationship must not only be exposed but it also must be curtailed through prudential legislation. Only America First nationalists are the political actors capable of achieving this vision.

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