United Kingdom National Grid Warns About 3 Hours Power Cuts Coming this Winter

According to a report by ZeroHedge, residents of the United Kingdom could be facing three hour power cuts this upcoming winter if the UK can’t import enough electricity and gas from other parts of Europe. The British National Grid argued that this scenario was “unlikely” but the combination of Russian gas cuts and a massive cold front similar to the “beast from the east” in 2018 could create rolling blackouts.

Per The Guardian, the pre-planned power cuts would be announced one day prior, and would have the aim of reducing total power consumption by 5%. This power cut would require King Charles’ approval on the recommendation of the business secretary.

This power outage scenario is one of several that the National Grid believes could take place in the upcoming winter. This comes at a time when most of the Collective West has cut itself off of Russian energy and has imposed massive energy sanctions against Russia to no avail. 

In addition, Europe could potentially face gas shortages if Russia cuts off all supplies or power outages in another country’s generation capacity take place owing to interruptions in energy supplies.

In one of these scenarios, no electricity is imported from Belgium, France, and the Netherlands, thereby requiring coal-fired plants to pick up the slack. In another scenario, a gas shortage would get rid of a significant amount of gas-fired power generation and “temporary rota load shedding” (rolling blackouts) would be implemented.

In each of these scenarios, the National Grid predicts gas and electric prices to stay high throughout the winter. 

Europe has no one to blame but itself for its energy mess. It could have been easily avoided if European leaders practiced a more restrained approach to foreign policy and promoted energy freedom instead of inefficient energy sources such as green energy. 

All told, Europe needs a major change in its political leadership if it wants to restore any semblance of sanity to its politics.


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