United States and Allies Are Preparing To Back An Open-Ended Conflict In Ukraine

The United States and its allies are concerned that Ukraine’s bungled counteroffensive means that Russo-Ukrainian war will turn out to be an open-ended conflict, The Wall Street Journal reported on July 25, 2023.

The report stated the US was hoping Ukraine would recapture some territory and that would lead to a negotiated settlement, although the US has shied away from diplomacy throughout the conflict. “My hope is and my expectation is you’ll see that Ukraine makes significant progress on their offensive and it generates a negotiated settlement somewhere along the line,” Biden said in Helsinki earlier in July.

Despite the Ukrainians making paltry gains against the Russians, the Collective West is preparing to continue fomenting the proxy war against Russia for an indefinite period of time. “The only real response is an industrial mobilization that will give Ukrainians, and the Russians, a clear message that the Ukrainians will always have plenty of what they need,” a Western diplomat, who maintained anonymity, said to the WSJ.

The diplomat stated that the US might have to concede that the war isn’t wrapping up anytime soon. Biden regime officials have repeatedly expressed their willingness to arm Ukraine for “as long as it takes.” However, there’s a considerable degree of uncertainty about whether the US and its NATO strategic partners can continue supporting Ukraine as Western leaders are warning that military stockpiles across the Collective West are being depleted. 

While there are growing concerns about the viability of this quixotic military venture among Western leaders, a thorough regime change of the present leadership class in the West is needed for real foreign policy changes to occur.

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