United States and Japan Plan to Bolster Military Alliance

The United States and Japan have plans of carrying out the largest upgrade to their military alliance since they consummated a mutual defense treaty in 1960. This recent move is largely viewed by security experts as an attempt to counter an ascendant China.

In April, President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida will reveal plans to retool the US military command in Japan to bolster operational planning and exercise coordination between the two nations, per five individuals familiar with the matter. 

The allies want to strengthen their security relationship to respond to what they deem as a growing threat from China, which compels their militaries to cooperate in a more streamlined fashion, especially in a hypothetical conflict over Taiwan. 

Despite how overstretched the US is becoming in terms of military footprint abroad, national security elites are still committed to containing China in East Asia.

This does not augur well for geopolitical stability. China is a nuclear power with great power aspirations in its traditional sphere of influence. So any kind of encroachment from a hostile external actor such as the US will be met with kinetic force.

This is geopolitical malpractice in its rawest form. Hopefully, realist minds prevail here.

A potential smash with China could be a civilization-ending moment for the US.

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