United States Arms Control Association Criticizes Plan to Supply Ukraine With Cluster Bombs

On July 6, 2023, the Arms Control Association, a United States-based non-governmental organization, on criticized the Biden regime’s plans to supply cluster munitions to Ukraine.

In a statement, the association declared that the transfer would be the “wrong move.” It alluded to an announcement from the US Department of State, where it indicated that the regime of President Joe Biden was about to “shift course” and facilitate the transfer of US cluster munitions to Ukraine. 

Arms Control Association Executive Director Daryl Kimball declared that such military aid “would be escalatory, counterproductive, and only further increase the dangers to civilians caught in combat zones and those who will, someday, return to their cities, towns, and farms.”

The Arms Control Association was originally founded in 1971. It is one of the most prominent US NGOS that pushes for international arms control policies. 

The fact that an American institution of this sort is calling out the Biden regime here is quite telling. The US and its satrapies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) alliance have gone completely overboard in their support for Ukraine. 

The result has been a drawn out proxy war with no real end in sight. The sick part about this conflict is that Russia will likely come out victorious owing to its escalatory dominance that it enjoys in Ukraine. No amount of military aid being sent to Ukraine will change that fact.

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