United States Authorities Believe Russia and Iran are in a De Facto Security Partnership

The Biden regime is frightened by the level of defense partnership between Iran and Russia, as Iran and Russia have intensified their cooperation on drone usage matters. 

National security spokesperson John Kirby said at a May 15 briefing that the two countries are broadening their “unprecedented defense partnership” which includes Iran sending Russia over 400 drones in the previous several months. Kirby declared that Iran is Russia’s “top military backer” in light of these developments. He emphasized Russia is now looking to buy additional drones after exhausting its stockpile in Ukraine.

“Russia has expended most of these UAVs using them to target Ukrainian critical infrastructure,” Kirby stated while emphasizing it “has been directly enabling Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine.”

“Iran also continues to provide Russia with one-way attack UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). Since August, Iran has provided Russia with more than 400 UAVs primarily of the Shahed variety.”

When it comes to the potential sale of additional Iranian advanced weapons to the Russian military Kirby highlighted that “there is every reason to believe that Russia will use them to continue their attacks against Ukrainian targets.”

Kirby called on NATO and other US strategic partners to cooperate with the US to bar the transfers. In a similar vein, Kirby said that Russia is providing Iran with the capacity of purchasing missiles, air defense systems on top of military electronics. This is similar to a statement the White House made back in February that the Iran-Russia strategic partnership could see Iran receiving Russian fighter aircraft — a frightening prospect for the US and its Middle Eastern satrapy in Israel.

This is the multipolar world, folks. Hopefully, our policymakers can adjust to these new realities and start planning accordingly. 

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