United States House Votes to Block Pistol Brace Ban

On Tuesday June 20, 2023, the United States House voted in favor of a resolution to block the Biden regime’s new pistol brace regulation. The measure received the support of 217 Republicans and 2 Democrats, which included Maine Congressman Jared Golden and Alaska Congresswoman Mary Sattler Peltola. House Joint Resolution 44 later went to the Democratic-controlled Senate, where it was killed on a 49-50 vote. 

This legislation was originally sponsored by Georgia Congressman Andrew Clyde and North Carolina Congressman Richard Hudson. Hudson went on the House Floor and detailed the origin of the pistol brace as a device to help veterans wounded in combat who wanted to be able to operate large-sized pistols on a safe and effective basis. He observed that the rule reclassifies the majority of braced pistols as “short-barreled rifles”, which makes them subject to the National Firearms Act (NFA) regulations. This reclassification, he argued, would criminalize millions of lawful Americans. Approximately 3 million to as many as 40 million could be negatively impacted by this reclassification. 

There are currently multiple court challenges against the ATF rule. With this resolution dying, gun owners must continue pushing back against this measure in the courts, state legislatures, and other venues. Such unceasing resistance against this measure and other gun control measures is needed to repeal these measures and restore previously lost Second Amendment freedoms.

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