United States Inflation Is On The Rise

In February, the United States’ inflation rate rose to 3.2%, according to data analyzed by the Federal Reserve. This increase turned out to be unexpected among economic experts. 

Bloomberg polled economists, who projected the yearly rise in consumer prices to stay the same from January’s rate of 3.1%. 

The CPI numbers play an important role in how Fed technocrats craft interest rate policy. 

If we’re being honest, inflation figures from legacy institutions should not be trusted. After all, the ruling class has every incentive to downplay these figures and make the economic situation look better than what’s actually transpiring in the real world. 

We should never forget that inflation is the result of public policy. Namely, easy money in conjunction with a burdensome regulatory state and profligate spending policies. It’s by no means a natural occurrence. 

Moreover, nothing about inflation is transitory in nature. As long as the US government maintains an economic policy predicated on loose monetary policies and heavy-handed regulation, inflation will remain as a perpetual nuisance. 

Only an economic order based on competing currencies and a small state could result in an environment of low inflation and robust economic growth. The present economic policies coming out of the DC Swamp will only lead to further economic stagnation and the inevitable impoverishment of the American populace. 

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