United States is Flirting With the Idea of Using the UK as a Launchpad for Its Nukes

The United States could potentially deploy nuclear weapons on British soil, according to speculation from official documents. This news emerged after the US Air Force (USAF) obtained funding for a new facility in Suffolk.

The USAF requested $50 million to be allocated in the budget for a “surety dormitory” at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk. At this location, 110 US nukes were previously stored until 2008.

 “Surety” is US military jargon for nuclear weapons.

In the 2022 budget, there was a reference to a NATO project to construct  “secure sites and facilities” to store “special weapons” in several Western countries, which includes Britain, but did not make any reference to the base.

The 2023 report says the money will be used in the UK to “house the increase in enlisted personnel as the result of the potential surety mission”. 

RAF Lakenheath was selected as one of three sites for US nukes in 1954, when the Cold War was at its peak.

However, these nukes were removed  in 2008 after the possibility of nuclear war decreased.

The US government does not generally announce the location of its nukes and did not officially make an announcement about the withdrawal of its nuclear arsenal from Britain. 

However, the removal of the bombs was announced by the Federation of American Scientists which keeps tabs on US nuclear activity.

This same watchdog group noted that the inclusion of RAF Lakenheath in the 2023 USAF budget was proof  that nukes have returned to Britain. 

Although the facility is mainly used by the RAF, the British military has made facilities available for American aircraft and weapons ever since 1948.

The recent redeployment of nuclear weapons reflects a growing preoccupation among NATO member nations about the rise of the Russian Federation and China, two Eurasian giants with vast nuclear weapons arsenals.

And the UK will likely be the launchpad for such nukes owing to the fact that the UK is now merely an appendage of the Globalist American Empire state. Once a mighty empire that civilized large swathes of the globe, the UK is now a mere vassal state of the US. 

Talk about hitting rock bottom.

British nationalists must do everything possible to have the UK break free from the shackles of US imperialism and have the country chart its own path.

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