United States Plans on Sending Dozens of Bradley Fighting Vehicles in $2.85B Military Aid Package to Ukraine

On January 5, 2023, the US announced that it would send about $3 billion in military aid to Ukraine. According to a report by AP News, this package will feature several dozen Bradley fighting vehicles. This is the Biden regime’s latest step to send lethal military aid to Ukraine in its fight to push back against Russia’s invasion of the country.

European countries have also ramped up their military aid contributions. For example, Germany announced that it would supply Ukraine with armored personnel carriers and a Patriot missile battery. Similarly, France said that it will hold discussions to set up the delivery of armored combat vehicles.

The Bradley is an armored carrier used to transport troops to the battlefield and has built a reputation of being a “tank-killer” due to the anti-tank missile it can fire. 

This latest batch of military aid is roughly $2.85 billion and is made up of 50 Bradley vehicles. It’s the largest in a series of packages of military aid that the Defense Department has drawn from its stockpiles to send to Ukraine. 

US President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced in a joint statement on January 5 that the US would supply Ukraine with Bradleys while Germany would supply Marder armored personnel carriers. 

“We’ve had to do everything we can to help the Ukrainians resist Russian aggression, and Russia is not attempting to slow up,” Biden declared during a Cabinet meeting at the White House on  January 5. “The actions they’re taking are as barbaric as they were a year ago and they’re not letting up at all, at all.”

It looks like the US is still continuing its proxy war against Russia. One can be opposed to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but recognize that US intervention — be it direct or indirect —  will only make matters worse in Ukraine and just lead to further devastation. 

With nearly a year into this conflict, it’s best that the US step out, cut the military aid, and start focusing on its internal affairs. Those are much more pressing matters than some Slav-on-Slav squabble thousands of miles away. 

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