University Defends Radical Professor Who Made Anti-White Remarks

University of Georgia Racist Professor Response

The University of Georgia explained to Big League Politics that while they take “all claims of discrimination and harassment seriously,” they are planning no disciplinary action because the statements were made on social media, and not on campus.

Last week video surfaced of a University of Georgia instructor, identified on video as Professor Irami Osei-Frimpong, defending anti-white remarks he made on social media. Among these, he instructed his Twitter followers to “take war to the White Christian family,” characterized whites as lazy, autistic, psychopathic, and sociopathic, and declared that “fighting white people is a skill.”

In a response to Big League Politics’ request for comment, the University explained that while they take claims of discrimination and harassment seriously, they see no need to take action against the vocally racist professor because the remarks were not made on school grounds.

“Views espousing racism and hatred are reprehensible and contrary to our core values. Prejudice has no place on our campus and we condemn the advocacy or suggestion of violence in any form,” wrote Greg Trevor, University of Georgia Executive Director of Media Communications.

“To the University’s knowledge, the statements made by this individual were made in his capacity as a private citizen on his personal social media accounts. At this point, we are unaware of any allegation of racially hostile or discriminatory conduct in the course of his professional duties or any statements falling outside of First Amendment protections.”

Apparently the University sees no problem with employing a man who makes racist comments in his personal time, and then defends them in college classrooms while collecting a paycheck to instruct students.

Big League Politics reported last week:

The individual who recorded the video, a student at the university who identifies as “a Jewish member of the LGBT community,” asked the professor how he could defend his use of stereotypes against white people, citing social media statements where Osei-Frimpong called whites “autistic”, said they have a poor work ethic, and that all whites work at Chick-fil-A.

In response, the professor defended his previous statements, saying “You need stereotypes,” the professor shot back, “It’s like saying you can’t say all people who are poor are poor, you can’t say that. Yes you can, because people who are poor are poor!”

“You need stereotypes, there are papers and I can give them to you,” Osei-Frimpong continued, “I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings.”

The full video, posted to YouTube by college watchdog group Campus Hate Watch, reveals the student questioning the professor about how he can justify making such comments while purportedly taking a stand against racism.

Update: The University of Georgia provided a second statement to Big League Politics via Twitter suggesting they are looking further into “all legal options” available to the University regarding the situation, and are “seeking guidance from the Office of the Attorney General as to what actions [they] can legally consider in accordance with the First Amendment.”

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