University of Arizona Nursing Students are Instructed to Push Transgender Propaganda on 3-Year-Old Children

Nursing students at the University of Arizona are being instructed to push transgender propaganda on children as young as 3, according to reporting from The College Fix.

The university was exposed after slides from a lecture were revealed to the press, and Arizona officials are desperate to downplay how they are pushing a bizarre sexual agenda on toddlers.

“The slides in question were from a 40-minute session on complex issues nurse practitioners face in clinical practice for the purpose of encouraging discussion, analysis and evaluation,” the university said.

“The College of Nursing faculty members share evidence-based information, but do not recommend any specific practice guidelines related to gender-related issues. Students are taught that providers need to choose their own approach to such issues,” it continued.

The slides can be seen here:

The United Campus Workers of Arizona is angry about the university’s response, claiming Arizona is jettisoning “science based recommendations” to indoctrinate children with sexual propaganda in response to “hate calls” and “bullying tactics” from opponents of child grooming and institutional abuse.

“It contradicts medically accurate and evidence-based practices regarding gender-affirming care for young people, which support screening for gender dysphoria in children and adolescents,” the union stated in a petition that was posted on Twitter.

Big League Politics has reported on how the pedo-tranny agenda is being pushed from the highest levels of government:

Dr. “Rachel” Levine, the severely mentally ill man who masquerades as a woman and serves as assistant health secretary for the Biden regime, is telling pediatricians nationwide to become activists for the “right” to drug children and sever their genitals.

Levine is perpetrating the groomer-industrial complex in his role as assistant health secretary. He is ordering health professionals to advocate for children to have their lives destroyed in order to be inducted into the satanic LGBT lifestyle.

“I encourage you to think of yourselves as ambassadors to your communities, ambassadors for science, ambassadors for compassion, and ambassadors for care. These conversations don’t have to be limited or restricted to a medical setting. Offering yourselves as informational resources not just for youth, but for school teachers, principals, school boards, professional organizations, recreation centers, county commissioners, and others who would benefit from this information and your perspective,” Levine said in the video address to pediatricians.

“Please proactively seek opportunities to speak about what you know. Our task is to educate the public in as many forums as possible. We need to have these conversations that question the assumptions that are underlying today’s attacks on trans people. Pushing back the veil of ignorance demands this extra effort, and this is the challenge before our profession,” he added.

Only Christian Nationalism can stop this demonic agenda now. If it is not stopped, it will destroy Western Civilization.

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