University of Texas Professor Wants to Radically Rewrite the Constitution to Meet Modern Woke Standards

One University of Texas professor is pushing the envelope when it comes to advocating for the destruction of traditional American institutions.

Richard Albert, a professor of law and government at the University of Texas at Austin, criticized the Constitution in an op-ed for The Hill on June 30, declaring that “its gendered and racist words stand in the way of true reconciliation in this divided country and have no place in any modern society.”

Maria Copeland of Campus Reform pointed out that Albert referenced the 13th Amendment as an example of racism featured in the Constitution

Albert argued that although the 13th Amendment abolished slavery, it still contains the Fugitive Slave Clause, whose presence in the Constitution serves as “a painful reminder of America’s original sin.”

On top of that, Albert complained that the Constitution’s language is also discriminatory on a gender basis. His complaint is that it exclusively uses male pronouns when referring to the presidency. Although Hillary Clinton was able to run in 2016 without a problem, Albert insisted that this exclusionary language was problematic. He mentioned the case of former Montana Congresswoman Jeannette Rankin — the first woman to be elected in the House of Representatives — and argued that her political career was viewed with disdain simply because the Constitution’s language only allowed male leaders to hold office.

“Imagine how schoolchildren must feel when they read the Constitution in their basic civics course. Some will be made to feel less than welcome in their own country… The highest law of the land creates a hierarchy of citizenship,” Albert stated.

Albert called for radical redrafts of the Constitution. In his view, if “racist and gendered terms” are taken out, then the Constitution “would celebrate equality and inclusion, and give Americans a text proudly to call their own — one in which they would see themselves and their hopes reflected.”

“The Constitution is replete with obsolete and outdated language that weakens rather than enhances the feeling of belonging that a constitution should generate among a country’s citizens,” he added. “It is time to update the Constitution to reflect America’s modern values of equality and inclusion.”

America’s cultural revolution is clearly having an impact on political discourse at the foundational level.

Any type of redraft or modification of the Constitution on leftist lines will undoubtedly result in the destruction of foundational American freedoms such as the right to bear arms and freedom of expression.

The Right must be ready to confront these very real threats in the increasingly hostile political environment of present-day America.

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