UNREAL: New York County Suddenly “Loses” Firearm Permit Applications

A year ago, countless residents of Erie County rushed to acquire pistol permits right before newly imposed gun control measures went into effect

Carmen Marino, a resident of Erie County, was among the many residents who tried to acquire this permit. Unfortunately, he may have to restart this entire grueling process 

After submitting his permit application back in August 2022, Marino did not receive any update on his permit application status from Erie County Clerk’s office until May. He spent three months trying to reach out to the office after figuring out that his permit could actually have been lost. 

Eventually, someone from the office responded to Marino’s inquiry. 

“They’re like, ‘We don’t see it in the system, and we can’t find it anywhere. Oh, you’re one of those people who we’ve lost their application,’ ” he stated. 

Marino claims the office has lost multiple applications over the past year. 

This comes after the Erie County Clerk’s office was subjected to a four-month audit which revealed several errors within the pistol permit office. Some of the revelations included the office overcharging new permit applicants, granting employees access to applicants’ mental health records in an improper manner, and presiding over a sketchy permit fee process that created a cash flow imbalance for the county.

“There is no excuse to lose something of this nature because they wouldn’t lose my payment for my taxes — I guarantee you,” Marino stated. “They’re not losing that.”

At this juncture, Marino just wants Erie County to call him back and give him instructions on what to do next.

“We did our due diligence,” Marino proclaimed. “We did the application fee, the photo fee, fingerprints, the course, itself, that’s well over $185. Now with the new laws that the state put in place, you’re looking at over $600.”

Gun controllers will find every way possible to undermine the right to bear arms. By creating byzantine license and permitting processes, the gun control crowd is able to erect regulatory barriers that prevent individuals from exercising their right to bear arms. 

The Erie County incident demonstrates why all gun control regulations and bureaucratic red tape must be categorically opposed. Each regulatory barrier that is enacted is just one step towards the destruction of the right to bear arms in the US. 

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