UPDATE: Judge Moore’s Accuser Still Refuses to Give Deposition

After more than a year, the woman who accused Judge Roy Moore of sexual misconduct during his 2017 U.S. Senate bid still has not given a deposition about the alleged incident.

“On Friday, Moore’s attorneys filed in court a ‘renewed motion to compel Leigh Corfman to appear for a deposition,'” according to Alabama.com.

Corfman’s deposition is key. It will be the first time that she accuses Moore under oath, facing the penalty of perjury. So far, she has only recounted her story to The Washington Post, which gleefully ran with the accusations just 32 days before the election.

“The 320-word press release summarized that Corfman has not given a deposition, Moore has given a deposition, said that Moore had filed a motion to dismiss ‘Corfman’s frivolous lawsuit’ (the first time more than a year ago) and closed with ‘Where is Leigh Corfman? It’s been a year!'” the report said of Judge Moore’s latest legal action.

The demand for a deposition comes in the context of dueling defamation suits – one by Corfman, who sued the Judge simply for denying the allegations against him, and a countersuit by Moore against Corfman for defaming him.

Not only has Moore been deposed under oath, he also took and passed a polygraph test in response to the allegations. Big League Politics reported:

The evidence continues to add up showing that Judge Roy Moore was mugged during his 2017 campaign for U.S. Senate.

Monday, the Judge released the results of a polygraph test, which he took voluntarily, that asked questions regarding whether he ever had a sexual relationship with his primary accuser, Leigh Corfman. Moore passed with flying colors.

In a press release, representatives for Moore said:

On December 19, 2017, Judge Roy Moore took an official polygraph examination, regarding his accusers. To this day no one but Judge Moore has sworn under oath multiple times as to the false allegations that were brought against him during his run for United States Senate in 2017.  This polygraph extends to include questions about not only Corfman but also Nelson and Johnson as these three are the ONLY ones who have accused him of any sexual misconduct.  Judge Moore has also been present for deposition. To this day Leigh Corfman and her attorneys refuse to answer questions about Judge Moore’s residence and/or vehicle. Furthermore, neither her or her attorneys have agreed for us to take Corfman’s deposition.  As illustrated in the document Judge Moore proved to give a truthful account and successfully passed the polygraph.

The Judge wants to get to the bottom of Corfman’s accusations, but so far, Corfman has failed to comply.

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