UPDATE: Make-A-Wish Reverses Ban On Unvaccinated Kids

In a previous story, Big League Politics reported on Make-A-Wish’s decision to no longer grant wishes to any terminally ill children if either themselves or their family have not taken a COVID-19 vaccine.

“After a long sabbatical, Make-A-Wish Foundation will once again grant wishes for terminally ill children around the country. There’s just one catch – take the experimental COVID-19 vaccine or you’re out of the club.

“I’m excited to share that make a wish will resume granting air travel in the United States and its territories as well as granting wishes involving large gatherings for vaccinated Wish families as soon as September 15th of 2021. All wish participants, including your wish kid and any siblings, will be need to be 2 weeks past completion of either a one dose or a two dose vaccine.”

The full article can be found here.

Make-A-Wish appears to have now reversed its policy, updating its statement amidst backlash. The policy now reads:

“Based on the guidance of these medical experts, Make-A-Wish plans to expand to also grant air travel wishes within the United States and its territories, as well as to grant wishes involving large gatherings for wish children and their families who have been vaccinated on September 15, 2021. We understand that there are many families whose children aren’t eligible for the vaccine yet, and we also know that there are families who are choosing to not get the vaccine. We respect everyone’s freedom of choice. Make-A-Wish will continue to grant wishes for all eligible children. Make-A-Wish will not require anyone to get vaccinated to receive a wish.”

As far as why Make-A-Wish suddenly reversed course, they did not say. Perhaps it was because of massive backlash and ensuing action to back it up, or maybe those in charge suddenly realized the little bit of humanity they still possess. Our money’s on the former.

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