UPDATE: Three Arrested in Suspected Arson of YAL Member’s Dorm Room

Three people have been arrested in connection with the suspected arson of a dorm room at Tulane University belonging to a student who is a member of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL).

“Robert Money, 21; David Shelton, 20; and Naima Okami, 20, face counts of aggravated arson, said Blake Arcuri, general counsel of the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office, which runs the jail,” according to The New Orleans Advocate.

The student, Peyton Lofton, and his group, YAL, suspect that the alleged arson was politically motivated. Lofton has been doxed online by leftist radicals prior to the attack, a common tactic used by groups like Antifa.

Lofton was reportedly not in the room when incident occurred, but his roommate Jackson Arnold was present.

“The fire alarm went off, I was in my room, I opened my door, and the sign on the front of my door was on fire,” Arnold told Breitbart. “So I blew [the fire] out and then left the building with everyone else.”

“One week before the arson took place, Lofton said that signs began to appear on Tulane’s campus revealing the names of students involved with the school’s YAL group and accusing them of being ‘racist, misogynistic and intolerant’ individuals who make ‘offensive jokes,'” the Breitbart report said.

The trio of suspected arsonists was arrested by the Tulane University campus police.

“Louisiana law defines aggravated arson as intentionally setting a fire where it is foreseeable that human life will be endangered. It can carry between six and 20 years in prison upon conviction,” according to The Advocate report.

Tulane’s Director of Public Relations Michael Strecker said that the universities investigation into the matter is ongoing.

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