US Defense Department Official Admits that Ukraine’s Much-Hyped Counter-Offensive is Sputtering

According to United States Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl, Ukraine’s counter-attack is moving more slowly than American defense authorities expected. 

Kahl made these remarks on July 7, 2023 during a press briefing in front of reporters. 

“It’s too early to judge how the counter-offensive is going one way or the other because we’re at the beginning of the middle,” he declared.

“They are still probing Russian lines (and) Russian areas for weak spots,” Kahl continued. He noted that the real indicator of progress would be how quickly Ukrainian forces would be able to exploit the weak spots once they discovered them. 

What’s happening now in Washington is the growing realization that the Ukrainians can’t win against Russia. Let’s face it, Russia enjoys massive escalatory dominance in this combat theater. No deluge of military aid sent to it will change this harsh reality. 

If anything, more military aid to Ukraine will just lead to heightened suffering and even compel Russia to take even more decisive action that could result in the utter destruction of the Ukrainian state. 

At this point in the game, one has to wonder if this entire conflict is a massive grift for the US’s military-industrial complex. On top of that, this conflict is every anti-Russia geopolitical tinkerer’s wet dream as it has resulted in Russia being disconnected from Europe while being dragged into a protracted military struggle against Ukraine. 

For all this talk about peace among Western officials, there’s very little concrete action taken to reach such a state. Undeniably, the first real step towards achieving peace in Ukraine consists of halting all military aid being sent to it. 

If this can’t be achieved, this conflict will go on indefinitely, much to the detriment of the Ukrainian nation. No doubt it, the US MIC will be benefiting from this reckless geopolitical endeavor. 

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