US Government Reveals that It’s Providing Ukraine With Previously Unannounced Missiles 

The United States military has recently admitted to the delivery of American anti-radar missiles to Ukraine. According to Press TV, these missiles are part of a plan “to facilitate the targeting of Russian radar systems by Ukrainian warplanes.”

The US Defense Department’s Undersecretary for Policy Colin Kahl announced at a press briefing on August 8, 2022 that the DOD sent several missiles to Ukraine. Though Kahl did not specify how many missiles were sent and when they were sent.

Per a CNN report released on August 9, also called attention to how Kahl did not explicitly spell out what kind of anti-radiation missile was sent to Ukraine.  

CNN was able to get in touch with a military official who said that the missile was an AGM-88 High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM). 

In addition, the Pentagon official revealed that the US assisted Ukraine with the delivery of spare parts for Russian Mig-29 planes to keep the Ukrainian Air Force’s fleet operating. Kahl claimed that the missiles “can have effects on Russian radars and other things.”

The CNN report mentioned that the missiles can be used to attack Russian anti-aircraft radar systems, the S-400, for example. S-400s and similar systems have largely prevented the Ukrainian Air Force from carrying out sorties across vast portions of the country’s airspace. 

HARMs are developed by weapons manufacturer Raytheon and represent one of the longer-range missiles the US government has sent to Ukraine. 

Kahl disclosed the missile shipment to Ukraine during a briefing concerning the US government’s most recent $1 billion package for Ukraine. 

Press TV noted that “With the latest package, the US has committed to sending Ukraine a total of $9.1 billion in military assistance” since Russia launched its military operation on February 24. 

Now, there are reports that the US government is planning on delivering an additional $5.5 billion in military aid to Ukraine to continue this NATO-sponsored proxy war against Russia.

Talk about tone deaf actions here. When our border is being overwhelmed, people living in precarious economic conditions, and the US’s social fabric fraying, the parasites in DC believe that it’s good statecraft to keep dumping profuse amounts of military and economic aid into Ukraine. 

This cannot end well. The present Ukraine saga shows why America First has to take over the GOP. It’s the only political faction that will prevent the “death by a thousands cuts” path that the DC Blob is putting the country on. Eventually economic realities will rear their ugly heads after waging too many proxy wars, nation-building projects, and punitive actions abroad. 

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